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Love your Bike? You will love RideOn on it.

RideOn is a rugged all-weather charger for your bike. Now you can charge all your devices 'On The Go' including Smartphones, GPS Devices, GoPRO Cameras, Wi-Fi Hotspot Dongles, Biking Gear, Outdoor Gear etc.

RideOn brings in a new lifestyle to how you have been charging your smartphone and other devices. For the fast-paced world you need everything on-demand and now RideOn gives you that everlasting power to think different.

RideOn is an elegant, thoughtfully designed automotive grade product for everyday use in motorbikes. RideOn has multiple safety protection circuits to ensure any device (Smartphones, GPS, GoPro etc.,) connected to RideOn is protected from all possible electrical noise.

Intelligent Charging : Works intelligently with your bike’s battery and safety circuits that provide complete peace of mind ‘On The Go’

Anywhere Mount : RideOn comes with an ‘Anywhere’ mount and ships with a 1.5meter long cable. Choose your favorite spot in the bike (e.g. handlebar, storage, under the seat) and have it mounted to match your lifestyle

DIY Friendly : RideOn is DIY Friendly and can be installed very quickly in any bike model/make RideOn is built with absolute care for first-time DIYers, so grab the opportunity to ‘do it yourself’ and cherish the happiness


  • converts your Bike battery as Power bank.
  • Battery and mobile safe technology.
  • Quick charging of 1500 mAh
  • High quality imported weather proof engineering Plastic body with Water and dust proof.
  • Accesaries for 3 kind of mounting options.
  • Easy installation with no polarity.
  • No battery drain at idle condition. Nothing to worry to connect to the bike battery.
  • Auto stop when battery low to safe guard the battery.
  • Overload protection.

•    1500 mAh fast charging
•    Universal Polarity(i.e. wire can be connected to any end of battery)
•    Three kinds of mounting option(Round Handle, Flat surface, Mirror Rod)
•    Secured: Device Protection, Battery Protection, Overload Protection, Surge Protection
•    Water & Dust Proof
•    Fire resistant cable
•    Device Friendly.
•    Supports Mobiles/Tablets/Power banks/GPS Navigators
•    No need to start Ignition to charge the mobile.
•    Self-starter charging immediately after device gets connected

Technical Specifications:
•    Input : 12V(supports 8-20V)
•    Output Voltage : 5V
•    Output Current:1500 mAh
•    Quiescent Power: < 1 mAh

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