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Move into a world of pleasure even while you are driving. Enjoy the vibrating massage balls in the neck, shoulder, back, waist and thigh area to stimulate blood circulation, improve metabolism, reduce muscle ache, regulate the neural system, reduce fatigue and improve health. Robotouch Car massager can also be used at office / home.

  • Deep shiatsu massage moves up and down with 3 programs :upper, lower or full back.
  • Unique 2 x 3 massage heads bring continuous massage experience.
  • Programmable hand controller.
  • Brief demo for 1 min. and auto shut-off 15 mins.
  • Integrated strapping belt easily attached to most chairs.
  • Quick heat system easily get rid of pain and tiredness.
  • Seat vibration with three levels : high, Medium & low. Simply plug into your vehicle's 12 volt DC outlet Power: AC-100-240V DC 12V/3A 36W.

The effect after using:

  • Strength function of five zang-organs and six fu-organs and immunity.
  • Expedite venation  
  • Activate cells and promote metabolism  
  • Promote blood circulation  
  • Eliminate fatigue and ache & wrench of sole 
  • Relieve the freeze and aches of muscles  
  • Improve sleep of insomnia sufferer  
  • Relieve hemiparesis, palsy and nerve paralysis  
  • Decompose effectively the surplus fat cell in your body  
  • Smooth the excreting of sebaceous gland, and reduce the fat accumulation in some parts of body
  • Increase lymphatic return and rebirth of collagen  
  • Reduce the orange peel and make the skin tender, smooth, and glossy  
  • Exercise the sturdy muscles and assist to cure astriction

Instructions for use:

Plug adaptor into an AC outlet and plug the receptacle end into the input jack, which located along the side of the cushion. Attach the cushion to most chairs for a luxurious massage as you read, rest or even work.
Power Adaptor:
The Cushion includes an AC wall adapter for home or office use. To supply power to multi-function controller attach AC wall adapter cord to bottom of controller.
To turn on the massage function, first press the POWER button, the LED indicator will illuminate and confirm your selection. To turn off the massage functions, simply press the button again. The LED indicator will be off
When massage is on, simply press the heat button, and the corresponding LED indicator will illuminate. To deselect, press the button again and the corresponding LED light will turn off. For your safety, heat cannot be turned on if massage is not selected.
Press the massage area button you choose, and the corresponding LED indicator will illuminate, if you want to choose other areas, just press the other area buttons
Three levels can be chosen, low/med/high after choosing the massage area, you can adjust the massage strength
Three levels can be chosen, low/med/high after choosing the massage area, you can adjust the massage speed.

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